Advertising/Media Plan


We will create a comprehensive advertising & media plan to fit your budget. It will include recommended ad placements, ad prices, and a 12-month editorial calendar which includes suggested topic maps.

01.When will I see results?

In order to deliver the best results, it is important that we put a strong focus on the "discovery" phase of our interaction, where we begin to identify key characteristics of your ideal customers, and strategically connect those characteristics to our proven marketing strategy. One size does not fit all, but our proven method for bringing you clients consistently will bring results faster than you think.

02.Why is the advertising and media plan so important?

When it comes to obtaining new clients or business, it is essential that we are intentional about putting our brand out there in front of the right people. In order to find the right clients, it is crucial to have a strategic ad strategy that filters them through. At K&G, we put a heavy focus on learning not only about your ideal client, but what has worked in the past, and connecting those factors to a proven strategy that will filter qualified people through, and bring you more clients consistently.

Plan Details

Included in your package

Social Media Marketing

Taking into account the social platforms where your ideal clients spend their time, we will put forth a marketing campaign that is tailored to reach them where they are, so that they are filtered through consistently.

Graphic Design

Depending on the needed marketing campaign to bring you results, we may need to implement various design concepts in order to grab the attention of your target audience. This can include but is not limited to, pictures, flyers, video shorts, landing pages, etc.

Why K&G Digital 360?

Why customers choose K&G Digital 360

Easy & Quick Set Up

Our process is always with the customer in mind.

Quality and Premium Support 24/7

We never leave customers in the dark with our quality support.

Cohesive strategy

Watch it all come together as we create your marketing plan.

Geared for success

Achieve the results you're looking for

Our clients experience the best results because of our proven formula that always begins with understanding your brand. We then take the best of what we learn and strategically connect it to our proven marketing strategies.

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