Content Marketing

Starting at $5,000

We help your business create a content marketing strategy that will attract and resonate with your target audience and help you stand out from the competition.

Pricing Package

Content marketing pricing packages

Basic Plan
$ 500 /Monthly

Suitable for individuals who want to fix their monthly content issues.

30 Social Media Posts/ Month
2 Blogs/ Month (500 Words)
2 Blog Banners/ Month
1 Small Infographic/ Month
Weekly Reports
Growth Package
$ 900 /Monthly

Suitable for small companies who want to make an impression online.

60 Social Media Posts/ Month
4 Blogs/ Month (500 Words)
2 Blog Banners/ Month
2 Small Infographics/ Month
1 PDF/ Month
1 Video Slide/ Month
Weekly Reports
Premium Plan
$ 1400 /Monthly

Suitable for anyone who always wants the A+ game

90 Social Media Posts/ Month
2 Blogs/ Month (500 Words)
2 Blog Banners/ Month
4 Small Infographics/ Month
2 PDF/ Month
2 Video Slides/ Month
Weekly Reports
Service Details

Take your marketing to new heights

Subscribe to one of our full services Content Marketing packages to make sure everything is consistent across all of your marketing metrics. Benefefit from services such as

Social Media Posts

Why is it important to post on social media? Consistent posting on social media is helpful for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is a free way to put yourself in front of customers so that you are consistently top of mind. Secondly, if can give potential customers the opportunity to come across your offered products or services on Google as Google tends to prioritize social media platforms such as Facebook so long as the published content on Facebook is relevant.

Blog Posts

For similar reasons to that of Social Media Posts, Consistent blog posting shows customers that you are attentive and helps you stay top of mind. Customers who have subscribed to your blog are likely to be interested in the content that you put out, so long as that content is designed to speak to things that are important to them. Consistent blog posting can also help with your SEO by showing Google that you are a RELEVANT business that is consistently publishing content related to your niche.

Banners and Designs

When it comes to banners and designs, our team takes care to not only present your brand in a way that will attract your ideal customers, but that also remains true to who you are as an organization/business. The balance of both is what sets your apart as a competitive company.


An infographic can be a powerful tool in helpful your ideal customer/client understand particular information such as a course of events that will or have happened within a timeline, or a display of objectives relevant to what you offer.

Weekly Reporting

Communication is key and highly valued at K&G Digital. We will provide weekly reports from our end, so that you can stay in the know regarding progress and trajectories. .

Why K&G Digital 360?

Why customers choose K&G Digital 360

Easy & Quick Set Up

Our process is always with the customer in mind.

Quality and Premium Support 24/7

We never leave customers in the dark with our quality support.

Cohesive strategy

Watch it all come together as we create your marketing plan.

Seeing is believing

Your content is what they see

We at K&G Digital 360 believe in the importance of your image, which begins with us providing you with content that represents your brand in a competitive way, and attracts your ideal customers.

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