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Facebook Allows you to choose the demographic that sees your ad (age, location, interests, etc.), set a budget that is comfortable for you (there is no minimum spending commitment), and easily measure the impact of your ad. Reach the right people who you know are interested in what you offer. We will set up your Facebook ads account and select the most effective demographic for your products & services.

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About the strategy

Facebook ads that convert

Successful Facebook advertising is all based on knowing your audience. What is important to them, and what problem do they want to be solved? How do you infuse the answer to those questions as it relates to your services? K&G Digital 360 understands how to relate the problems you solve to your ideal customers so that your ads convert. 

Why K&G Digital 360?

Why customers choose K&G Digital 360

Easy & Quick Set Up

Our process is always with the customer in mind.

Quality and Premium Support 24/7

We never leave customers in the dark with our quality support.

Cohesive strategy

Watch it all come together as we create your marketing plan.

See Results

Facebook ads that work

At K&G Digital 360, we don’t create ads and just throw them on Facebook. We take the time to learn about your audience and what is important to them and study the metrics for what elicits the most results so that you get more customers/clients consistently.

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