Video/Other Ad Solutions

  • Canvas AD $375
  • Carousel AD (10 Photos/Videos in one AD) $250
  • Video AD $125
  • Image AD $75
  • Full Campaign $600

From promotional Video Ads to Image Ads, we have a variety of options to suit your marketing needs.

01. Why is my logo important?

Having a professional logo is essential. A good logo should manage a careful balance of accurately reflecting the style of your brand while speaking to your ideal customer's need. At K&G Digital 360, we infuse the uttermost detail into something as simple as a logo, because it is something that your ideal client will see every time they interact with you. Intentional companies understand the significant marketing opportunities a logo can create when designed correctly. 

02. How quickly will my logo be done?

Generally, logos don't take more time than a complex marketing campaign or website design, however, The time it takes to create logos may vary depending on the complexity needed in order to make it reflect your brand while speaking to your ideal customers. 

Videography Pricing Breakdown

Simple Videography

$150 Per Hour/$150 Edit

Intermediate Videography

$250 Per Hour/$200 Edit

Advanced Videography

$400 Per Hour/$250 Edit
  • Commercial under 1 min $600
  • Commercial from 1 min-2min $700
  • Commercial upto 3 min $800
  • Commercial over 3 min $1,000

*Our employees are based out of Wichita, KS, and Des Moines, IA. For out of city limit we will charge a .25 cent Mileage Fee as well. 50/50 Between the client company and K&G Digital 360 LLC ours for travel expenses.

Why K&G Digital 360?

Why customers choose K&G Digital 360

Easy & Quick Set Up

Our process is always with the customer in mind.

Quality and Premium Support 24/7

We never leave customers in the dark with our quality support.

Cohesive strategy

Watch it all come together as we create your marketing plan.

Stand Out

Everything you need here

K&G Digital 360 understands that one size does not fit all. Customize your marketing campaign with our variety of videos, images, and other advertising options. 

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